Twisted Ice

Wishing on a star

Don't wish upon a star,cause it won't come true no matter who you are.
Always look unto the sky,and ask the Father"why oh why".
Just like a church full of people,the world is full of blessings and evil.
You have to take the good with the bad,even though the journey may be sad.
Let the doors close and let them open,as long as we stay strong we can keep on hoping.
Like people say"there's always a reason",Our lives change with every season.
We have people added and some taken away,Life has to be taken day by day.
When the end is near,we'll have nothing to fear.Thats when we'll know who we are.
We'll be just that kid who wished upon a star..
Hello everyone I am Black Ice, Mother of Pink Ice. I am 44 years old and a mother of 2 wonderful daughters and 1 grandson. I was inspired to share my sexy self with the world after watching how happy Pink Ice was after opening herself up to the idea. So i thought if she can do it so can i. So here we are together with this new site Twisted Ice. My other daughter is in the military, she is in aviation. We are all very proud of her so be sure to support our troops guys, they work hard to fight for us. I have recently had gastric bypass surgery and have lost over 100lbs. I had to do it for health reasons. I use to be a size 22/24. I am still a BBW and always will be at heart no matter how much weight i lose. Me and Pink Ice are here to share our curves with the world and make some guys Mother, Daughter fantasies come true. But in a classy manner.
My name is PINK ICE and this is my website to support other BBW and SSBBW women. I am not a professional model i am just a down home simple country girl who happens to be very comfotable in my own skin. I live in Kentucky in a small town where being Big is shunned a whole lot, but i have overcame that and now it's time for me to shine. I hope that all Thick women all over the globe will join me and share your sexiness with the world. Let it all hangout and be confident about it ladies. Society has put us down, made fun of us and told us our only option is diet. Some have even said you have to be skinny to be pretty, i even use to think that. Not anymore. I don't care what anyone thinks if they don't like what they see they can look away, cause i like what i see in the mirror. My big butt, double d breasts, curvy belly, and thick legs make me who i am.
IT DOESN'T TAKE ALOT OF MAKE-UP OR MONEY TO BE BEAUTIFUL YOU CAN BE BEAUTIFUL COMPLETLY NAKED OR FULLY DRESSED..I hope to see alot more women realizing this and opening theirselves up to a whole new world where beauty is what you see not what other's see...I know alot of women wear clothes, make-up and jewelry trying to look good and they spend lots of money for these things. But what are they doing it for? I have talked with some women and they say they do it because they don't want another woman to look at them and snarl their nose's or think less of them as a person because of how they look. That is the wrong kind of mind set. If you look in the mirror and think "wow" i look good and are comfortable in what your wearing wheather it be an outfit from wal-mart or from a high priced designer then go for it..what does other peoples opinions do for you..not a damn thing..BE BIG, BE PROUD AND SMILE...THATS MY MOTTO

Pink Ice inc.