Twisted Ice

Hello everyone I am Black Ice, Mother of Pink Ice. I am 44 years old and a mother of 2 wonderful daughters and 1 grandson. I was inspired to share my sexy self with the world after watching how happy Pink Ice was after opening herself up to the idea. So i thought if she can do it so can i. So here we are together with this new site Twisted Ice. My other daughter is in the military, she is in aviation. We are all very proud of her so be sure to support our troops guys, they work hard to fight for us. I have recently had gastric bypass surgery and have lost over 100lbs. I had to do it for health reasons. I use to be a size 22/24. I am still a BBW and always will be at heart no matter how much weight i lose. Me and Pink Ice are here to share our curves with the world and make some guys Mother, Daughter fantasies come true. But in a classy manner.

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