Twisted Ice

IT DOESN'T TAKE ALOT OF MAKE-UP OR MONEY TO BE BEAUTIFUL YOU CAN BE BEAUTIFUL COMPLETLY NAKED OR FULLY DRESSED..I hope to see alot more women realizing this and opening theirselves up to a whole new world where beauty is what you see not what other's see...I know alot of women wear clothes, make-up and jewelry trying to look good and they spend lots of money for these things. But what are they doing it for? I have talked with some women and they say they do it because they don't want another woman to look at them and snarl their nose's or think less of them as a person because of how they look. That is the wrong kind of mind set. If you look in the mirror and think "wow" i look good and are comfortable in what your wearing wheather it be an outfit from wal-mart or from a high priced designer then go for it..what does other peoples opinions do for you..not a damn thing..BE BIG, BE PROUD AND SMILE...THATS MY MOTTO

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